Starphire Glass or Low Iron Glass

Starphire or Low iron Glass is ultra clear and provides a higher degree of transparency than clear glass. This high clarity glass is achieved by removing most of the iron oxide content used to produce glass. This low level of iron removes the greenish-blueish tint that can be seen especially on larger and longer sizes… Continue Reading

Tired of cleaning your Shower?

Accurate Glass & Mirror provides a Protective coating for your shower enclosures. What does it do? Protects and prevents your glass from staining Reduces water spots (limescale,mineral deposits and the growth of bacteria and mold) Works just like ‘non-stick’ cookware on glass surfaces Eliminates the need for harsh and abrasive cleaning products Easier to clean! Continue Reading

Pre-Renovation Budget Design and Pricing

We would like to invite everyone to use our Pre-Renovation Services. We understand that custom shower enclosures can be very expensive, and are often overlooked in the budget process. Often times there is so many other factors to consider while in the “building” process that shower enclosures are the furthest thing from a homeowners mind.… Continue Reading

Regular Glass vs Tempered Glass

We would like to explain the difference between  Regular (Annealed as some  call it) Glass & Tempered Glass. When Regular Glass breaks it breaks into large pieces, which can cause serious harm to anyone near it.  Tempered glass breaks into a million little pieces in order to protect anyone around it.  You may end up… Continue Reading

Shower Door Glass Thickness Choice

With the growing popularity of Frameless Shower Doors we would like to share with you when 1/2″ Thick Glass is recommended. Glass thickness for a typical shower enclosure is 3/8″ We follow 2 general rules when deciding whether or not a customer needs 1/2″ glass. 1. Is the Shower Enclosure going to be very tall?… Continue Reading

Mirror Cleaning

It is very important when cleaning mirrors in your home that you stay away from any type of ammonia based cleaning products. Ammonia will cause a chemical reaction with the “silvering” on the back of your mirror which will cause it to waste away. Over time this will cause an unsightly black appearance called “Desilvering”.… Continue Reading