How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Shower Doors

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Shower Doors

Hard water stains happen.  We all wish they wouldn’t, especially after we’ve invested in the glories of glass in our homes.

But there’s no need for despair.  You can (and will) get rid of those hazy, annoying little spots marring your glass surfaces.  This post is about how to remove hard water stains from shower doors.  From this day forward, you will sing “I Can See Clearly Now” in the shower.

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Acidic Liquid Cleaners

Because of the alkaline composition of hard water stains, a cleaner containing an acidic agent is a really good way to get rid of them.

Products containing sulfuric, hydrochloric or phosphoric acid are powerful, so they’re to be used with care.  Protect your eyes and wear gloves.  When you’re done, rinse surfaces thoroughly.

Old School

The solution to your hard water stains may be in your salt shaker.

Combine salt with water.  The rough texture of the salt scours the area your removing the spots from your glass, without scratching.  Using a clean cloth, spray the salt water solution on the stain and rub, using circular strokes.  Finally, rinse with clean water.

More Old School

Mom is always right, so take a page out of her book with a solution of lemon and vinegar.  Both acidic, these household items are probably already in your kitchen.

Natural items like these have a distinct advantage over acidic liquid cleaners, as they’re not corrosive.  Add lemon juice to vinegar and heat the combination in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  Warmed, this mixture is even more effective.

Spray the warmed mixture on the hard water spot and leave it there for a couple of minutes to do its work.  Then, simply wipe clean with a soft, clean cloth.


You can turbo charge your household glass cleaner with a shot of this common household product.  Adding ammonia allows any run-of-the-mill glass cleaner to become the mortal enemy of hard water stains.


For newer or smaller hard water stains which haven’t been there long enough to set, try a little elbow grease.

For this, baking soda is an excellent choice.  Just don’t try it with a bristle brush or any other abrasive implement.  You can scratch your glass, which defeats the whole purpose.

Glass Shower Doors from Accurate Glass and Mirror

We hope these tips on how to remove hard water stains from shower doors have been helpful.  Sometimes, though, well-established stains can ruin the look of your existing shower enclosure.

When that’s the case, AGM brings you glass shower door expertise.  Included in that the expertise is the sage advice that you treat your glass shower doors prior to installation with ClearShield.

Guaranteed for 10 years by ClearShield’s warranty, hard water stains are radically reduced.  That keeps your new AGM shower enclosure looking as though it was just installed for a decade.

Less cleaning.  No stressing about hard water stains.  Priceless.

Ready to kiss hard water stains goodbye?  Contact the pros at AGM.  You’ll be singing in the shower before you know it.

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