Proudly Serving as
NJ’s Premier Glass & Mirror Company

Proudly Serving as
NJ’s Premier Glass &
Mirror Company

Proudly Serving as
NJ’s Premier Glass &
Mirror Company

We manufacture and provide

Custom Glass & Mirrors in New Jersey

Custom Mirrors

Mirrors add dimension to a home. Accurately sized and placed, they can make a small room feel much larger and bring light into darker areas.
Our specialists will help you pick the right mirror to fit the space you have currently in your home. We offer standard options, as well as customizable pieces. Customers are able to invent any mirror from a variety of shapes, sizes and beveled edge designs.
  • Mirrored backsplashes: Make your room appear larger without all of the construction.
  • Wall Mirrors: Make your small rooms and hallways sparkle with natural lighting.
  • Hanging Mirrors: Add to your home décor.
  • Frames: Accurate Glass & Mirror can make any mirror to fit your existing frame.
  • LED Mirrors: An energy-efficient & aesthetically pleasing solution for enhanced bathroom lighting.
  • Hide imperfections in a room. If a wall in your home has a hole, paint scratch, or discolored paint, just hang a beautiful mirror in that spot and it immediately hides that imperfection. If you need a large wall area to cover, place an oversize mirror to do the trick.
  • A statement piece. A large mirror can be a beautiful accent piece in a room. Have a decorative mirror in a room that needs attention. Use a mirror to update the look of a room, to get a cohesive style in an area, or to bring interest to a space.
  • Practical use. Of all the benefits of a mirror, the most important one is its functional use. You use a mirror to check on yourself before leaving the house, for your grooming rituals, etc. Let Accurate Glass & Mirror give you a free estimate today on a new mirror!
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