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4 Ways to Update Your Boring Bathroom

4 Ways to Update Your Boring Bathroom

Like everything else, bathrooms have a “sell by” date.  Over the years, they can take on a dingy, tired looked.

You may not have the budget for a massive overhaul or renovation but you can do a lot with just a little.  Let’s explore 4 ways to update your boring bathroom without breaking the bank!

1. Art

Whether you think so or not, art has a place in the bathroom.  If you’re working with an older bathroom which features colored tile, draw on the tile’s color to select your art.  Create a color counterpoint or choose art that includes the tile color for a custom look.

When selecting an art piece or pieces for your bathroom, remember that some mediums are better suited to the humid environments of bathrooms.  You don’t want that beautiful art to get damaged, so choose something in an impermeable frame and preferably created in acrylic paint.

2. Paint out the tiles

Let’s face it, some tile is best left in the past.  If that describes the tile in your bathroom, you can paint it!

And while that may sound a little scary, planning your assault is entirely in order.  You’ll want to choose materials which are conducive to painting out tile.  Using a primer with adhesive properties (to make the color you’ve chosen stay put) is a good start.

Check out some of the tutorials online for tile painting to get it right the first time, as tile demands that you do.  And you don’t even need to paint all the tiles.  You may just want to do the top row, or only a few rows to create something completely unique.

Get creative!  You can redeem those dated tiles and make them something of a showstopper.

3. Lighting

Nothing adds drama to your bathroom like lighting.

When choosing the right fixtures and approach, consider the effect you’re going for and what you’ve got to work with.

A bathroom with darker colors can benefit from interesting wall sconces which cast a moody light for those long soaks in the tub.  An overhead light might take the form of a classical chandelier to pump up the theme of a vintage bathroom.

4. Paper it

If your bathroom features walls which are not fully tiled, then wallpaper is your best friend.  It’s having a renaissance right now, so you’ll see plenty of options out there.

Even if you’re not crazy about your tile, you can redeem it with the right wallpaper.  Go bold and bright, or dark for contrast to make the tiles you haven’t been very happy about find their purpose in life.

Or choose a paper that’s whimsical and light, or even geometric.  There are so many amazing wallpapers out there currently, that you can let your imagination run wild.

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