What are Heavy Glass Shower Doors?

What are Heavy Glass Shower Doors?

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The Minimalist design trend has been leapfrogged by the recent trend toward Maximalism but many people still like the clean look of minimalism in the bathroom.

That’s especially true of the shower.  The bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that people expect to find clean and sparkling.  Glass shower doors add to this effect, while improving sight lines and providing the illusion of additional space.

Heavy glass shower doors enhance that effect.  Because heavy glass is primarily used in frameless glass shower doors, it’s key to the style.  Until this type of glass was developed, framing was completely necessary to hold the glass in place.

So, what are heavy glass shower doors?  They’re the reason we’re able to bring you AGM’s custom, frameless models, offering your bathroom sleek simplicity and minimalist, clutter-free beauty.

Light on the Subject

Heavy glass shower doors are frameless and this allows for a look which is streamlined to perfection.  Without the metal or rubber framing of years gone by, the chic appearance of frameless glass shower doors sheds a little light on the subject.

Your tile gleams in concert with the heavy glass of your shower door, creating a uniquely modern setting and making of your bathroom a spa-like haven.  And when you choose to treat your shower doors with ClearShield protective coating prior to installation, your cleaning work is radically reduced.

What’s more, with ClearShield, your heavy glass shower doors look amazing for years into the future, making them a savvy investment that increases the re-sale value of your home.

When it’s time to sell, your potential buyers will fall in love at first sight with your gorgeous, practical glass shower.

Value for Money

Some people bridle at the higher price point of heavy glass shower doors.  As they’re usually frameless, their installation requires professionalism and precision to get them just right.  And that’s what we do at Accurate Glass and Mirror Design.

You can count on our promise of quality, as the Tri-State area’s premier shower and glass company.  Every job we do impacts our reputation and we’ve worked too hard to establish it to mess with it now.  We bring professional expertise to our installations which prevent leakage.  Our custom designs grace the homes of families all over the Tri-State area.

When AGM does your frameless glass shower door installation, you get the best of everything from quality materials to precision installation.  And while this style of shower door will cost a little more money, it’s a value-added amenity that house hunters have at the top of their lists.

The simple truth is that a frameless glass shower door and shower enclosure is one of the smartest home investments you can make.  People love their bathrooms.  They want them to feel sleek, chic and top-of-the-line.  Heavy glass shower doors achieve this, especially when installed by the experts at AGM.

If you’re ready for the upgrade that boosts your home’s value and makes your bathroom a thing of beauty, talk to the pros at Accurate Glass and Mirror.

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