The Right Way to Upgrade Your Shower Doors

The Right Way to Upgrade Your Shower Doors

Whether you’re planning an extensive bathroom renovation, or it’s just time to switch up your tired shower doors, choosing the right doors is the trick.

And even if you’re not planning that blockbuster reno, it’s crucial that you consider the fact that, eventually, you’re going to freshen up your bathroom.

As with everything in life, there’s the right way to upgrade your shower doors and the wrong way.  So, let’s review some of the items you should be considering as you move forward with upgrading your shower doors.

Get Professionals

While it’s super-tempting to believe that you can do it yourself (and some certainly can), choosing the right doors isn’t for everyone.  Installing the ideal shower doors is the province of an even smaller group of people (those who have the required skills).

Get professionals to perform selection and installation and get the shower doors that serve the purpose they’re intended for, without compromising on quality.

Glass Specialists

And when choosing the professionals you’re going to upgrade your shower doors with, choose a team that specializes in glass.

At Accurate Glass & Mirror, that’s us.  We work with all kinds of glass for homes and commercial spaces, making us glass specialists you can trust with your shower doors.  A bathroom element this important should be in the hands of trusted experts.

A Key Element

Shower doors serve an obvious functional purpose.  But they’re also a key element in the overall look of your bathroom.

A shower doors professional will consider your bathroom’s design, space constraints and the type of glass that will work best with those things in mind.

They’ll help you choose the right shower doors, ensuring that they’re durable, seamlessly installed and suitable for any future renovations.

A shower doors professional will also offer helpful tips and suggestions, so you can choose the right look for your bathroom.  If you’re renovating, they’ll be happy to guide you toward the shower doors that offer maximum design impact and functionality.

Glass Shower Doors

There’s nothing boring about glass shower doors.  They’re an upgrade that adds value to your home by adding beauty.

And if you’re concerned about the cleaning involved, fear not!  At AGM, we’ll pre-treat your new shower doors with Diamon-Fushion, a protective coating that eases maintenance.  With a lifetime guarantee, your shower doors will look amazing and you’ll be spending your time doing more interesting things than cleaning them!

Glass shower doors open up your bathroom, offering a fresher look and clear, unimpeded sightlines which lend the illusion of additional space.  And everyone likes that!

The Glass People

At AGM, we’re the glass people with just the look you need.  That perfect look comes with glass expertise that’s unrivalled, superior service and installations that leave you genuinely impressed.

We’re the Tri-State area’s leading glass and shower company, taking the process from manufacture through installation.

For all your residential and commercial glass needs, from shower doors to conference room walls, mirrors and back painted glass, you’ll find what you’re looking for at AGM.

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