Protecting Your Shower from Hard Water Stains

Protecting Your Shower from Hard Water Stains

Your shower is a beautiful feature of your bathroom.  That’s part of the reason you had it installed.  But now it’s in position, you may find it’s a little tough to keep clean, due to hard water stains.

Read on, if you’re interested in protecting your shower from hard water stains or removing those which have already established.

What is hard water?

Hard water differs from soft water due to its high mineral content.  This type of water occurs when ground water passes through limestone, gypsum or chalk deposits.  These consist of magnesium and calcium carbonates, sulfates and bicarbonates.

And that’s why hard water stains glass.  It’s the minerals!

Squeegee therapy

Keep a squeegee in your shower stall.  When done showering, give your shower a quick squeegee to remove the water.  This way, hard water stains don’t have an opportunity to establish themselves.  It’s a little extra work but it protects your shower.


Microfiber cloths are a 21st Century housekeeping miracle and they’re an excellent way to remove water from your shower.  Running the cloth over your glass and tile following a shower keeps the stains away.  Once it gets wet, just wring it out and keep going.

The natural solution

That unsightly film on your shower isn’t its best look.  But you can banish it with the help of some natural cleaning agents which are highly effective, inexpensive and kind to the environment.

Two of the most powerful hard water stain eliminators in your home are (not store bought) lemon juice and vinegar.  Because they have similar properties, the same routine applies to both.

Fill a spray bottle with either of these cleaning agents, then spray your shower (including your tile) and leave on for 20 minutes.

When 20 minutes have elapsed, rinse with hot water.

Commercial products

In a perfect world, you should find that the natural solution works well.  But if your hard water stains are entrenched and difficult to remove, you may want to try a commercial product.

Take a tour around the internet to find products specifically formulated for hard water stains and soap scum.  You’ll usually find plenty of consumer reviews and these are great indicators of product effectiveness.

It’s the people who use the product who are its biggest fans or detractors, so online reviews help you narrow your search.


At Accurate Glass & Mirror, we know that protecting your shower from hard water stains is a priority, so we recommend that our clients treat their glass with Diamon-Fusion.

This incredible glass coating protects your shower with an extremely thin film, serving as a barrier between your glass and hard water stains.

Best of all?  Diamon-Fusion cuts your cleaning time by 90%, eliminating the need for corrosive cleaning agents you’d rather not use.

AGM, the glass people

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Contact us to find out more about the Diamon-Fusion protective coating.

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