Large Neo Angle Corner Shower in NJ

Large Neo Angle Corner Shower in NJ

The neo angle corner shower is a great option for small bathrooms, it’s true.  But a large neo angle corner shower can be a stylish addition for those who don’t want to relinquish their bathtubs and desire a separate, stylish shower stall.

With two sides of the shower consisting of the corner of bathroom, two or three panels of a corner shower are made of glass.  When custom manufactured, the neo angle is a beautiful option which creates a stunning shower enclosure.

The Right Shower for the Right Space

A large neo angle corner shower is much more about design than its smaller cousins.  Not in the business of saving space, a larger interpretation is more about impact and style and using space a little differently.

If your bathroom has seen better days, a large neo angle corner shower in NJ can be the center of your renovation plan.  Best in contemporary spaces, there’s an edge to this style of shower that probably won’t work with older-style bathroom décor and layouts.

The right shower for the right space is an important consideration and with this style of shower, you have a considerable amount of latitude, especially when you work with a glass shower expert like Accurate Glass & Mirror.

We match showers to spaces, filling out your design vision with expertise and knowledge.

Large Neo Angle Corner Shower In NJ

When you’ve got the space and you’re willing to create something unique, a large neo angle corner shower in NJ is the perfect addition to your bathroom.

And it needn’t be made of glass from ceiling to floor.  In recent years, with the rising popularity of the neo angle corner shower, there are numerous design options and orientations.

You may want a shower enclosure that’s tiled to half its height and glassed to the ceiling, with a central door.  You may want the entire stall created in glass (even textured or etched glass).  You may prefer to create a rectanble, with one long corner wall and one short one.

Everything depends on your vision for the space and the abilities of your contractor.

Add Beauty and Value

With the increasing popularity of the neo angle corner shower, it’s become a sought-after feature by house hunters.  Clearing sightlines while creating visual interest, they’re a beautiful addition to any bathroom, especially when their scale is larger and more arresting.

And because they’re sought after, they’re a value-adding addition to any bathroom.  While they’re doing that, neo angle corner showers add sparkle and brightness to your bathroom, especially when you choose the all glass option.

Visually stunning, the glass option is rendered even more attractive when a frameless model is selected.

Accurate Glass & Mirror

As New Jersey’s premier glass and mirror company, we’re trusted professionals, uniquely equipped to create your neo angle corner shower in NJ.

We’re all about the glass, adding beauty and contemporary style to every room of your home.

Find out more about the neo angle corner shower in NJ.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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