What Kind of Glass is Used for Shower Doors?

What Kind of Glass is Used for Shower Doors?

We hear this question from new customers often, so we’ve written a blog about!

What kind of glass is used for shower doors?  Let’s find out.

Safety First

The human body is a vulnerable thing – especially when it’s naked and in the shower.  That’s why shower doors are made from tempered glass.

Most of us have heard this term before.  But it’s safe to say that most people don’t know how tempered glass differs from the standard variety.

When tempered glass is manufactured, it’s heated and then cooled quickly.  It’s this rapid transition from hot to cold that makes tempered glass as strong as it is.  The heating and cooling process also causes tempered glass to behave differently if broken.

In the event that tempered glass breaks, it doesn’t shatter in the way most glass does.  It disintegrates into small chunks which aren’t as sharp as their regular (annealed) glass counterpart.

That puts your safety first.

What About Laminated Glass?

What all this tells us is that tempered glass is the superior choice.  It’s durability and response to breakage makes it much safer to use.

When you’re in the shower, that’s good to know, because you’re close to a lot of glass that has the potential to wreak havoc.  But tempered glass has put that safety hazard to rest, since replacing annealed glass in showers.

Laminated glass takes safety to the next level.  Consisting of an inner layer of vinyl and two sheets of glass adhered to either side of the vinyl, laminated glass has the same appearance as tempered or annealed glass.

But if laminated glass breaks, the pieces continue to adhere to the vinyl core, preventing the dangers inherent in glass shattering.

Heavy Glass?

Shower doors and enclosures can be constructed using varying thicknesses of the material.  Part of the determination for which thickness of glass to use lies in the choice of the shower type – frameless, partially frameless or framed.

Heavy glass is the thickest kind of glass used for showers, so this is employed for frameless or partially frameless models.  When the unit is framed, thinner glass may be used, as the frame provides stability.  It also contains the corners and edges of the glass used.

The advantage of using thinner glass is that it’s more cost-effective than heavy glass.  All the same, homeowners aren’t deterred by cost when they’re after the contemporary look of a frameless glass shower.


With tempered glass, there’s no limit in what you can achieve.  If you’ve got customization on your mind, so many alternatives exist to make your shower extra special.

This glass can be acid-etched, patterned, colored or cast.  So, the sky’s limit in terms of customizing your shower enclosure, imprinting your unique aesthetic.

And glass textures like these provide privacy when bathrooms are being used by multiple family members.  Who doesn’t like privacy in the shower (even if it’s an illusion in a busy family home)?

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