Increase Your Home’s Value with Glass Shower Doors

Increase Your Home’s Value with Glass Shower Doors

In an active market, it’s in your best interest to keep up to date with what home buyers want and the modifications that bring them streaming through your front door at an open house.

Mileage varies if you look online, but modifications to the kitchen and bathroom are some of the most effective you can make to increase your home’s value.  People focus on these two rooms of the house more than others, as they’re deemed of primary importance in the world of home design.

Bathroom modifications, of course, are right at the top of value-boosters.  But to increase your home’s value with glass shower doors, you need an expert in your corner.

The pros at Accurate Glass & Mirror love helping homeowner’s sell at a profit.  We do a lot of that because we’re New Jersey’s glass masters, with a strong focus on glass shower enclosures and glass shower doors.

A World of Variety

Glass shower enclosures can be completely enclosed or only partially.  They can have doors, or no doors.  When they have doors, they can be sliding or hinged.

Shower doors encompass a wide range of styles from ultra-modern to traditional.  Whatever the design aesthetic of your home, it can be matched and amplified with the right glass shower doors.

Your personal aesthetic runs the show, with a world of variety offering everything from beveled glass to frosted, etched and even smoked glass.

As a bathroom focal point, the glass shower doors you choose serve to advance the design vision of the overall room.  When you create the ideal shower enclosure, fitted with a superior quality shower door, prospective buyers take note and the impression is lasting.

Framed and Beyond

Framed shower enclosures can be created which honor the total design scheme of your bathroom or which prompt you to design to your shower, for a customized look.  They’re more economical and the frame can be anything from silver tone to matte black.

Frameless doors are sturdy, attractive and easy on the wallet.

Semi-frameless offer similar economy and durability to their framed counterparts, allowing some of the edges of the glass to show.  This creates visual interest, while keeping your budget in mind.

But the gold standard of glass shower enclosures is, of course, the frameless shower enclosure.  Employing tempered glass and minimal hardware, this style is contemporary, sleek and fuss-free.  Less hardware means less cleaning.  It also means clear sightlines to the tilework you’ve added to give your shower a luxurious, custom look.

Hinged?  Sliding?

Hinged doors are the more traditional option.  The problem with this style of door is the space required to open them.  If you’ve got a smaller bathroom, hinged may not work for you for this reason.

Sliding doors bypass this challenge, with no requirement for clearance to allow doors to open fully.  They just glide open and shut.

Sliding doors also offer an excellent water barrier and a more sleek, modern appearance.

Confused?  You won’t be, after you talk to the glass shower door pros at AGM.

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