Glass Shower Enclosures Can Make all the Difference

Glass Shower Enclosures Can Make all the Difference

They say the kitchen is the heart of every home, but the bathroom is easily as important.  And primary to the function of the bathroom is your shower.

We’re rushed these days in so many ways, but the shower is an intimate, private space in which we can slow down for a moment, alone with our thoughts and the cascading water cleansing us.

And we’re here to tell you that glass shower enclosures can make all the difference to the way you feel about your bathroom.

The Beauty of Glass

At Accurate Glass and Mirror, we admit to being admirers of glass as a material that offers so much to homeowners.

A glass shower enclosure offers the beauty of glass, its practicality and a design element that lets your bathroom look its best.

But people want a shower experience that delivers.  They want to feel at home and nurtured as they shower.  It’s an escape many of us look forward to, whether in the morning before a busy day, or at day’s end, to wash away the daily grind.

That’s why it’s so important that bathroom remodels be built around the placement of the shower.  You’re remodeling to get the soothing, spa like bathroom you desire, so why not prioritize your shower?

Prioritizing the Shower

Adding a glass shower enclosure helps you achieve that spa like effect we were just talking about.  With heavy glass, you’re installing a design element that makes the most of available space, while offering that sleek, modern look homeowners love.

Your new shower enclosure should look like it was created for your bathroom alone.  A cookie cutter cubicle isn’t going to cut it.

Long-term and re-sale value should be on your mind as you choose the right glass shower enclosure.  It’s a primary bathroom feature and one home buyers expressly seek out.

While framed and frameless glass shower enclosures have their respective purposes and advantages, it’s clear that the frameless option is the most eye-catching and attractive to prospective buyers.  And for your and your family, they’re a practical choice, as there’s very little hardware to worry about when you clean.

You can reduce maintenance even further for having Accurate Glass & Mirror add Diamon-Fusion protective coating to your glass shower enclosure prior to installation.  With a life-time warranty, you’ll reduce water spots and cleaning time and avoid having to use abrasive cleansers.

Time for a Change

At AGM, we know that glass shower enclosures make all the difference.  From the look of your bathroom to cleaning required, to life span and even the pleasure you take in showering, they offer an excellent return on your installation investment.

And what’s not to like about improving your home’s re-sale prospects?

If you think it’s time for a change in your bathroom, reach out to the premier glass and shower company in New Jersey.

AGM goes well beyond expertise in shower installation.  We’re the glass experts who re-vision your home in beautiful glass design elements that make it a show piece.

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