Frosted and Textured Glass Options for Shower Doors

Frosted and Textured Glass Options for Shower Doors

It goes without saying that we don’t necessarily want anyone else to be in the bathroom while we’re showering.  But when you don’t live alone and there’s only one bathroom, what we want and what we get are two different things.

People freely come and go as you go about your daily cleansing ritual.  Sometimes (most unfortunately), they’re even cheeky enough to flush the toilet.

Sigh.  Yet, we must shower.

But frosted and textured glass options for shower doors provide a modicum of privacy for the family bathroom, creating a buffer between you and “them”.

Frosty Camouflage

Frosted glass provides a wonderful type of camouflage for those of us who shower in well-traveled bathrooms.

They’ll know you’re in there (but that’s about all), frosted glass camouflaging you, as you go about your showering business.  As the family streams in and out, demanding allowance payments, brushing their teeth, putting on makeup and Netty potting their noses, you’re blissfully obscured from view.

Etched and Textured Glass

And here’s where the going gets creative!

Etched and textured glass options for shower doors allow you to express yourself, infusing your personal taste into your chosen method of camouflage.

The range of patterns available is impressive and glass can also be custom etched to your taste.  From designs mimicking the texture of bamboo, to those which depict natural scenery, the waves of the ocean, or even your initials, the possibilities are virtually endless.  Some selections echo the appearance of falling rain (to go with that fancy showerhead, heightening the effect).

And with Accurate Glass & Mirror, you can even choose to extend the pattern you’ve chosen for your etched or textured glass to other bathroom surfaces.  If you’re lucky enough to have a bathroom window, for example, there’s no better way to enhance your privacy than by choosing textured or etched glass.

Mirrors, too, can bear your chosen pattern, creating a unified, designer look in your bathroom that goes well beyond practicality, highlighting your personal aesthetic.

Without blocking the light, frosted and textured glass options for shower doors create a new level of refinement for the busy family bathroom, offering privacy and a design element that opens the door to the customized bathroom look that makes showering an even greater pleasure.

And people will still be able to admire the beautiful tile work – now diffused in an interesting, attention-getting way.

Your bathroom is a high traffic area and while you may feel you’re never alone in there, frosted and textured glass options for shower doors allow you to pretend!  More than that, though, they’re a sophisticated option which adds pizzazz.

And best of all?  They don’t streak when cleaned!

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