Frameless Shower Doors are Quickly Becoming the New Trend

Frameless Shower Doors are Quickly Becoming the New Trend

frameless shower doors

Frameless shower doors are not just having a moment.  They’re becoming the new trend in shower enclosures.

Bulky and hard-to-maintain frames are exiting stage left, clearing the way for the sleek look of frameless shower doors.

When installed by professionals like the crew at AGM, you’ll get a perfect and a contemporary upgrade in your bathroom that adds value.  Let’s see why frameless shower doors are quickly becoming the new trend.

Customizable Style

One of the most compelling reasons for the rising popularity of frameless shower doors is the fact that they’re customizable to the size and shape of the area you’re planning to install.

Without being bound to a limited range of pre-determined sizes, you’re free to create something truly unique.  That’s attractive to a lot people who want their bathrooms to be something genuinely special.

And key to your shower door installation is careful measuring and installation.

Superior Quality

Because frameless shower doors need to stay put without the assistance of hardware, they’re sturdier; cut from a heavier glass.

For the same reason, the minimal hardware used needs to be just as sturdy and made from quality materials, like brass.

But the extra cost for this style of shower door is easily compensated for with superior quality and life span.


You’re remodeling your bathroom to bring it into the 21st Century, so you’re looking for clean, classic lines.  Part of that is the frameless shower door you’re planning to install.

And it’s your best bet to get that sleek look that spells “modern”.  Without the cumbersome, old-fashioned frame, you get a wall of glass that extends sightlines, making your bathroom appear larger and much more sophisticated.

A frameless shower door also allows the beautiful tilework you’re adding to the shower to be seen in all its glory.

A Mold-free Life

Mold is an opportunistic organism.  It likes to get into nooks and crannies to establish itself and that can mean health risks for your family and for your home.

Once mold takes hold, it can get into everything – even your walls.

All you need to clean your frameless shower door is a squeegee and “voila!”, it’s just like new.  But before you install, be sure to treat that beautiful door with ClearShield.

ClearShield is how we make your frameless shower door even easier to clean, at AGM.  It reduces water spots and limescale and keeps your door looking as great as the day we installed it.

Accurate Glass and Mirror

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation with a frameless shower door installation as part of the work, don’t leave it to chance.  Put your installation in the hands of the glass design experts at AGM.

We’re the Tri-State area’s premier glass and shower company, with a special focus on showers.  With state-of-the-art equipment and precision developed over our years in the business, we bring you excellence in frameless shower doors.

Contact AGM about creating a frameless shower door that does your bathroom remodel justice, creating contemporary oasis for your family.

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