Frameless Shower Door with Textured Glass in NJ

Frameless Shower Door with Textured Glass in NJ

We think it’s safe to say that no one really wants an audience while they’re scrubbing down in the shower.

But when you live with your family and there’s just one bathroom to fulfill everyone’s needs, what we want isn’t really the central consideration.

People are bound to wander in and out as you go about your daily cleansing ritual.  Sometimes (just to make things interesting), some clever soul may even flush the toilet while you’re in there.

Loud shower-singing is a great defense but with a determined family group, it’s often not enough, no matter how loudly tuneless and irritating your singing may be.

But a frameless shower door with textured glass in NJ provides a convenient modesty barrier for the family bathroom, creating a buffer between you and “those who will not be denied”.

Textured to Conceal

Textured glass provides is a great way to conceal ourselves from the prying eyes of errant family members.  It’s the ideal solution for busy bathrooms that see heavy rotation.

With textured glass, a silhouette is all they’ll see as you go about your business.  As the family invades the bathroom, brushing teeth, slapping on makeup and popping pimples, you’re just a shadow behind the textured glass.

Frameless Shower Door with Textured Glass in NJ

Textured glass options for shower doors allow you to get creative, adding your personal taste with your chosen texture.

From designs replicating bamboo, to those depicting the waves of the ocean, the possibilities are endless.  Some selections mimic the look of falling rain, contextualizing that rainshower fixture you’re so in love with!

With AGM, you can even choose to extend the pattern you’ve chosen for textured glass to other surfaces in the bathroom.  Even your bathroom window can be switched out for a textured glass option. There’s no more attractive way to get some privacy than by choosing textured glass.

Mirrors can also bear your chosen texture, creating a designer look that transcends practicality, highlighting your personal style.

Without blocking light, a frameless glass shower door with textured glass in NJ adds sophistication to any busy family bathroom, creating privacy and a highly customized look that makes showering an experience.

Visitors will still be able to admire the beautiful tile work – now diffused in an interesting, eye-catching way.

Family bathrooms are high traffic areas and while you may feel you’re never alone, a frameless glass shower door with textured glass in NJ allows you to pretend you are!

If that sounds good to you, then it’s time to add pizzazz and customized design integrity to your bathroom.

And here’s the kicker – textured glass doesn’t show streaks and smears from cleaning!

Accurate Glass & Mirror

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