What Does Custom Mean When It Comes to Shower Doors?

What Does Custom Mean When It Comes to Shower Doors?


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You’ve probably noticed, in your internet travels, the resurrection of a word from times gone by.  That word is “bespoke”.

If it has you scratching your head, it’s because it’s an archaic word which means “custom”, especially when talking about men’s tailored clothing.  So, what does custom mean when it comes to shower doors?

Well, it means “bespoke” (tailored to your individual bathroom’s needs).  But because we’re living in the 21st Century, we’ll just use the word “custom” (because “bespoke” is a just a teeny bit pretentious and at Accurate Glass and Mirror, we’re not).

Tailored to Your Space – and Your Needs

If you’ve been thinking about updating your shower with a new look, then you’ve probably been poking around, looking at beautiful examples of showers.  You love that look but will it work for everyone in the house?

That’s the right question to ask.  Because, while you may like the way a certain style of shower looks, it may not be ideal to meet the needs of your family.  It may not be practical for your existing bathroom space, either.

But the good news is that there are plenty of fish in the sea and your ideal shower door solution is out there, waiting to be discovered.

The Frameless Option

Frameless shower doors are the gold standard in glass shower enclosures.  Contemporary and sleek, they seem to float in place, unencumbered by the usual hardware.  But frameless doors come in a wide variety of styles and types.

Semi-framed doors may have metal running along the top and down the sides.  And frameless shower doors involve minimal hardware, but it’s still there in the form of unobtrusive clips which do little to put a dent in the stunning effect.

If you’re planning a total shower overhaul, with beautiful tile or stonework you want the world to see, then frameless shower doors are the ultimate way to let your reno be seen in all its glory!  With nothing between visitors and that beautiful tile or stonework, they’ll be bowled over.

But be aware – while this is the option of the moment and the one most home owners choose, you’re also looking at a higher price.  But the price you pay only adds to the value of your home, with many buyers seeking out homes which feature this style of shower solution.

Semi-frameless and Framed

A semi-frameless model may be right for you if you’re not ready to take the plunge with frameless.  Look for permanently bonded hinges and a sturdy handle.  When you opt to have your shower’s glass treated with ClearShield, your cleaning job gets easier, maintaining your shower in “like new” condition for years to come.

Framed options can also be attractive and contemporary, with the right finishes.  For example, matte black hardware makes an exceptional statement, especially when paired with subway tile in the stall.  Can’t you just see it?

Accurate Glass and Mirror is the Tri-State area’s premier shower and glass company.  We’re all about custom shower doors.  Contact us.

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