Top Contemporary Ideas of Home Décor with Wall Mirrors

Top Contemporary Ideas of Home Décor with Wall Mirrors

Are you searching for methods to transform your home? Try wall mirrors. They will help you fill the empty space on your home walls. Mirrors warm, enlarge and liven spaces. Your walls will look stylish, trendy and contemporary considering the visual appeal mirrors provide.


At Accurate Glass & Mirror, we offer a variety of wall mirrors. They come in different:

  • Shapes: There are diverse wall mirror shapes to choose including round, oval, and rectangular ones.
  • Sizes: You can go for small or large wall mirrors, or both if you like.
  • Colors: As you shop, you will come across many mirror colors such as gold, silver, and white. Buy a color that suits your decor.
  • Styles/ designs: Wall mirrors vary in styles, for instance, antique, decorative, framed, frameless, classic mirrors and color mirror frames.

Now, how do you ensure your home décor looks contemporary using wall mirrors?


Instead of having photos on your hallway wall, why don’t you put wall mirrors? You can even have both mirrors and photographs as long as you are creative with mounting. The secret is to go for small mirrors in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Arrange them artistically to create an attractive illusion. Besides, you can choose to have similar mirror shapes with matching frame colors, but different frame styles. You will love your new hallway.


You must be having a mirror above your bathroom sink. Have you ever thought about adding one behind your tub? It will look spectacular. The wall mirror might even capture beautiful outdoor scenery and bring it to your bathroom.

Hanging Mirrors

It is possible to have mirror pendants in your home. They are easy to install, but make sure they are at a secure place. Their dangling nature is meticulous. They will reflect light and add warmth to your home.


You can place a big mirror in your kitchen, for instance, above the sink. It allows you to see whatever or whoever is behind you without having to turn your head. The other way to utilize wall mirrors in the kitchen is by using mirrored tiles for your backsplash. Arrange them to mimic brick formation. Mirror tiles are super easy to clean. They boost beauty in your kitchen and make it shine.

kitchen mirrors


Your backyard can use a mirror. Whether small or big, you can be sure it will be beautiful behind your house. As you enjoy breakfast or dinner outside with family and friends, get to see them and the surrounding in the mirror.

AGM Glass Design

Wall mirrors are a contemporary method of beautifying your home. You can place them almost in every part of your house.

There are a few tricks to getting and hanging the perfect mirror. Accurate Mirror & Glass is the company to call. We manufacture and install customized frameless mirrors in any size, shape, or color, all within our own facility

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