A Sleek and Modern Shower Door Featuring Easy Access

A Sleek and Modern Shower Door Featuring Easy Access

The shower is about a lot more than getting clean.  A shower should be functional (or it wouldn’t be there) but it should also be beautiful and uniquely suited to the needs of your family.

And a shower with a sleek and modern shower door featuring easy access makes the experience of showering even more pleasant than it already is.

But “access” means different things to different people.  Your needs aren’t the same as your neighbours’.  So, what are you looking for in a shower door that offers easy access?  You’re looking for an ergonomic solution that serves a very specific purpose.

Walk Right In

The walk-in shower is ideal for those seeking ease of access.  With no “lip”, this style of shower can be contained in several ways.  One of our favorites is to reserve one side of your bathroom as a “wet room”.  Separated from the rest of the bathroom by a splash guard (a piece of glass fixed in place, which may be frosted or textured), this is the ideal solution for those who fear tripping and falling.

When fitted with a bench, this shower serves you with comfort and style you wouldn’t have thought possible of an easy access shower.  The spa-like addition of a rain showerhead makes showering a simple pleasure, especially if you add a slip-proof duck board.

Sleek.  Modern.

We tend to think of accessibility as a medicalized issue.  Because of that, the first thought that comes to mind when we think about accessibility is a medicalized environment.

But your accessible shower doesn’t need to look like a hospital shower stall.

All the design features you love in shower enclosures that make them sleek, modern, clean and crisp can be incorporated into an accessible design.

For example, just because the entrance to your shower is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair or walker, doesn’t imply that it can’t be just as attractive as any other contemporary shower solution.

All you need to accommodate mobility aids is a door or opening which is 34” wide.  This allows the appliance to pass through the opening unimpeded, while allowing the person showering to maneuver with ease while in the shower enclosure.

There’s no need to sacrifice the sleek, modern look you’re going for to encompass accessibility.  And an accessible shower is smart.  Sooner or later, you’ll be needing a little help with items like showering, so installing a shower door which accommodates global accessibility is good planning. The glass and shower experts at Accurate Glass & Mirror can recommend the ideal shower door to include the whole family and your future needs.

AGM – the Leaders

AGM is the tri-state area’s leading glass and shower door company.  We serve you with glass solutions for your entire home, including up-to-the-minute shower door models which honor the need for accessibility while bringing that sought-after contemporary look to your bathroom that you desire.

Whatever your family’s needs, AGM is here to provide the perfect answer to them.  Contact us to source your ideal accessible shower door!

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