Shower Design 101 and Top Design Ideas

Shower Design 101 and Top Design Ideas

Modern bathroom interior with glass door shower

The thing about showers is that you want any changes you make to your existing shower to continue serving you and your family for at least a decade.  You’re investing a little money and if you’re not happy with some aspect of it once it’s in, you’re kind of stuck with it.

So, it’s important to ask the right questions.  This post is a primer we’ll call “Shower design 101” and top design ideas to help you make the right choices and ask the right questions.

Will It Work for You?

Bundled inside this question is a bunch of other questions.  How functional is the design?  How will it accommodate the needs of your family?  Does it work for your budget?  Is it easy to clean?

That’s a lot of questions, but they’re important when considering the overall design of your new shower.

Start with a Vision

Before you even think about finding a contractor, or buying components for your remodel, it’s vital that you take the time to do some constructive dreaming.

You’ve probably seen some showers you really liked.  But do those designs have the right answers to the questions above?  Are those designs practical for your space and your family?

Start with your favorite idea and then do some homework about materials, costs and how that design will work in your home’s bathroom.  You may find that the favorite idea requires a little tweaking to make it fit into your reality.

Then compare your vision to what you can find online, on platforms like Pinterest (where there’s a board for everything).  Narrow down the search until you’ve arrived at the best possible match to your vision.

And then, consider the space your shower will be installed in.  Is it awkward?  Is there enough room to accommodate it?  Will it look like it’s been plunked down in your bathroom from another planet?

Functional Is Beautiful

Maybe you have a grand vision of a shower but there’s nothing more beautiful than function.

Perhaps that shower vision you have is gorgeous to behold, but impractical.  Your family situation and bathroom space are unique.  No two spaces are the same and even if they were, there’d still be the end user to consider.

You may need a small shower bench to accommodate shower-time activities like shaving.  You may desire a separate bathtub in the space, or one which is combined with a shower.  Whatever you need, there are aspects of shower design which should be carefully considered before forging ahead.

Tile?  Concrete?  Marble?  How will these materials work with what’s already in your bathroom?  And will you be happy with the result?

Call In the Experts

Accurate Glass and Mirror is the Tri-State area’s premier glass and shower company, bringing you focused technical expertise and design innovation to create the ideal shower for your home.

We know you need to get it right the first time, so we take pains to provide the advice you need for a successful remodel.

The experts at AGM can help.  Contact us.

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