Shower Curtain vs. Glass Shower Doors

Shower Curtain vs. Glass Shower Doors

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If you’re one of our readers, we needn’t tell you that we’re the Tri-State area’s premier shower and glass company.  That said, we know that not every home is suited to glass shower doors.  Some families prefer the shower curtain for various reasons.  We get that.

So, we’ve put together this post about the shower curtain vs. glass shower doors to give you an idea of what to think about when considering a change to a glass shower stall, or a combination bath/shower arrangement.

Shower Curtains – the Bad and the Ugly

Right off the bat, we’re going to say that shower curtains have their drawbacks.  Anyone who’s showered in a small enclosure with a curtain can tell you all about the horror of the sudden, alien touch of a rogue shower curtain.

It’s unpleasant!

You’re in there showering (perhaps singing a happy tune), when you feel it stuck to an exposed body part.  You shriek in panic.  Visions of the Bates Motel flood your fevered brain.  Breathing a sigh of relief upon seeing it’s just the plastic shower curtain stuck to you (somewhere), you’re ready to get back in there with the loofah.  But wait!  What’s that?

What’s that black stuff accumulating at the bottom of the curtain and in the folds?  Has that stuff touched your naked body?  Unfortunately, shower curtains can make a convenient home for mold and mildew and those are not at all desirable.

So yeah.  Shower curtains have a bad and an ugly side that’s not at all conducive to an optimal shower experience.

Shower Curtains – the Good

Not all shower curtains are created equal.  Let’s be fair and acknowledge that.  Some shower curtains work for some families.

And if you’ve got a combination shower/tub, shower curtains may be your ideal solution.  For example, if you’ve got little ones, you can wash their hair over the side of the tub more easily, as there’s no track to contend with.  You can also pull the shower curtain right off to the side to accommodate washing your kids’ hair (as many families do).

If you select a shower curtain in a washable material like linen, you get an attractive clean look which is readily washable.  But you also get the comfort of knowing that linen sticking to you is a much less odious sensation than plastic sticking to you.

In addition, shower curtains hung on ceiling tracks can work in larger bathroom spaces, creating an elegant addition to your bathroom.

Glass Shower Doors – an Attractive Solution

Sure, you’re going to pay more for glass shower doors, but most home owners find the upgrade well worth it.  While people with young kids have other needs in the bathroom, if your kids are grown and have left, you get to do what you want with your shower enclosure!

Sleek, modern and easy to clean, glass shower doors create the illusion of additional space and show off the beautiful tile work you’ll no doubt want to install as a complement.

Ready for glass?  Contact AGM!

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