New Home Construction Features More Showers and Fewer Tubs

New Home Construction Features More Showers and Fewer Tubs

The latest trend in bathrooms is to eliminate the traditional bathtub altogether.  While many of us still love the idea of a nice soak in the tub, new home buyers are opting for showers with a larger footprint which create an attractive focal point in their bathrooms.

And the same is true of renovations.  Homeowners are choosing to install large, walk-in shower enclosures, using the space formerly occupied by the bathtub to make a design statement.

Let’s face it.  Showers are practical and when you longer need space in the bathroom for a bathtub, the sky’s the limit for what you can do with a shower.  And trends are moving towards “bigger is better” showers which proudly take up space, creating a thoroughly modern way to upgrade bathrooms.

Responding to Modern Life

It seems that with every passing year, the world moves a little faster.  This reality has had a profound effect on the way we live.  The days of the long soak in the tub are rapidly passing away, as people juggle multiple priorities.  This has led to the rise of the shower and its many beautiful permutations. While some may still find showering a perfunctory, utilitarian way to bathe, most of us just don’t have the time or inclination to fill up the tub for that hot soak.

And most of us don’t stay in the shower for long, so we use less water by showering.  That’s an attractive feature in these days of environmental consciousness and contemporary demands to consume less of everything.

Bye-bye Jacuzzi Tub

Not so long ago, there was no feature more popular with new home buyers than a Jacuzzi tub in the master suite.  But those days are gone.  New builds are including these in their plans less and less.

Showers with multiple shower heads are on the rise as top 10 sought-after home amenities.  Another favorite among house hunters this year is the waterfall shower – a deluxe take that gives a glamorous, indulgent touch to your shower enclosure.  Just add a bench to sit and bask in its aquatic glory and you’ve got the hottest shower in town!

What to Do With All That Space

Without a tub taking up space, you can go crazy with your shower enclosure.  Many are now installing large-scale showers, with benches and rain showerheads that feel as though you’re showering in the great outdoors.

And frameless shower doors offer clean, modern lines which are easy to maintain, providing unhindered sightlines that make your bathroom look larger and fresher.  This take on the shower is gaining traction with many house hunters and those renovating older homes.

Smaller bathroom spaces can still enjoy the beauty of a modern shower enclosure.  Solutions like splashguards make it easy to incorporate a larger shower into a smaller bathroom, by eliminating the space required for a door.

There are so many ways to use that space with a contemporary, luxurious shower and the professionals at Accurate Glass & Mirror know them all.

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