5 Important Details for Modern Shower Design

5 Important Details for Modern Shower Design

Shower with glass door in exclusive bathroom

Your bathroom is a personal, intimate space.  Intensely private, it’s a place you want to feel relaxed, comforted and a little pampered.

So, the details matter.  It matters that when you walk into your bathroom, you feel at peace with the way it’s put together, as well as with the functionality of the space.  And a lot of both these features revolve around design.

We’re not sure if home improvement shows are at the root of it but more homeowners today are thinking in terms of functionality than ever before.  They’re leaving behind traditional ideas about what bathrooms should be and opting instead to accommodate their personal needs.  They’re realizing that their bathrooms should serve their lifestyle specifically and comfortably.

This post explores 5 important details for modern shower design, as a key component of any bathroom.

1. Shadow Box

Functional, unobtrusive and practical, a shadow box in your shower eliminates the need for cumbersome shelving or placing items like shampoo on the floor of the stall.

With about 14” clearance between wall studs, there’s plenty of room for one of these practical additions to your shower.  Tiled and easy to clean, it’s a detail that takes your shower experience to the next design level.

2. Design Savvy Drainage

Have you ever seen a shower stall floor where the tiles are cut at strange angles to accommodate drainage?  You can eliminate the need for a central floor drain with a drainage trough.

This allows all the water to drain in the same direction.  Covered with a portion of perforated sheet steel, the look is modern and imminently clean.

3. Curb

While many people like the look of a lipless shower, they’re not as practical as they may seem, so the answer to that problem is the curb.

It creates a design break between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.  Here’s where you can change the type of tile you use, with a clear delineation to visually separate the two.  And the water stays where it should.

Use smaller tile in the shower stall.  This means there are more grout lines, rendering the shower more slip proof.  For the rest of the bathroom, a curb makes your design options more plentiful.

4. Shower Seat

Women like to shave their legs in the shower.  A tiled shower seat in the same tile as the rest of the shower allows her to sit as she shaves, eliminating the need for contortions and making the whole operation safer.  It’s also a beautiful and practical addition for older people, eliminating the need for a plastic shower stool.

5. Lighting

Have you ever felt as though you were showering in the dark?  Maybe that’s because you overlooked the installation of a shower light.  Installed directly over the shower with a vapor proof seal, this is a functional addition everyone in the family will appreciate.

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