Modern Bathroom Décor

Modern Bathroom Décor

Bringing your bathroom into the 21st Century isn’t necessarily about reproducing the set of Star Wars (or the Jetsons).  Rather, it’s about simple lines and a sleek, clutter-free vibe.

Modern bathroom décor is more about the use of space than it is about the imposition of design elements.  The fixtures and other essentials of the bathroom encompass the aesthetic, without need for further elaboration.

So, let’s explore the aesthetic of modern bathroom décor, towards re-creating your bathroom as a sleek, contemporary space.

Reflecting Modern Design

Mirrors in the bathroom are a necessity but as we all understand, whichever mirror you choose should accurately play to the overall theme.

With modern bathroom décor, choosing mirrors in surprising geometric shapes which reach beyond the standard round or rectangular mirror over the vanity, is the order of the day.

Floor to ceiling mirrors also have a natural place in a modern bathroom.  Sleek, unframed and creating the illusion of space, they’re flashy without the need for excess.  All by themselves, they go a long way toward transforming the space.

Freestanding Bath

Bath/shower combos are rapidly passing away.  In a modern design scheme, you’re going to be far more likely to find a large shower or wet room than you are a bath.  All the same, many of us still love our soaks.

Choose a freestanding design in an organic shape.  Many bathtubs now feature sensual shapes which allow the bather to lean into the experience of bathing.  Enveloping the bather, they offer the ultimate modern bathing visual, enhancing modern bathroom décor.

Mood Lighting

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom, so making it as beautiful as we can transforms the experience we have while spending that time, into something beyond the mundane.

Lighting has a great deal to do with this.

Sconces on either side of your vanity, made in a translucent material set the mood.  Under counter lighting (LED is perfect for this purpose), enhances the sense that you’ve stepped into a truly extraordinary bathroom.

Keep your fixtures simple and choose the same kind of sensuality in the shapes and materials of the fixtures.

Focal Point Shower

Floor to ceiling glass is a great option for creating a focal point shower.  With an unobstructed view inside, this style demands that you showcase your shower, with a spectacular tile selection.  Adding cubbies for items like shampoo and soap, tiled in colored glass, adds depth.

Alternatively, the wet room style is equally modern.  Dedicate one end of your bathroom to this style of shower and add a bench for that long, relaxed sojourn under your rain showerhead.  With a splash guard from AGM, your bathroom will be the most talked about room of the house!

Accurate Glass and Mirror

New Jersey’s premier shower, glass and mirror company is here to help with all your modern bathroom décor needs.  We specialize in showers and items like custom mirrors that take the modern bathroom to the level of “personal sanctuary”.

Contact us.  Discover the superior service, quality and professionalism you need to create your modern bathroom.

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