Home Weatherization Tips from Your Local Glass Repair Experts

Home Weatherization Tips from Your Local Glass Repair Experts

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Now that summer’s drawing to a close and winter draws near, it’s time to take stock of where our home may be vulnerable to heating and cooling loss.

Home energy bills are high enough as it is without adding heating and cooling the great outdoors to our bottom lines, right?

The truth is that too many of us allow this to happen.  Even the most insignificant crack or gap in windows and doors can cause your home to leak energy and that can cost a bundle.

We hope these home weatherization tips from your local glass repair experts at Accurate Glass and Mirror help you avoid the high cost of energy loss this coming winter.

Windows and Doors

Got a candle?  You’re well on your way to finding out where the energy from your home is most likely to leak and windows and doors are major culprits in this respect.

Ladies and gentlemen, light your candles!  Now, systematically go from window to window and door to door, to sleuth out where air currents are detected.  Hint:  the flame will flicker to indicate an unwanted current.

Determine whether the current is coming from the frame in which the glass is installed, indicating improper sealing, or from the frame of the window, itself, indicating that weather stripping here has been worn away or is damaged.

Another possible cause of the current entering your home is that the window isn’t operating properly.  Check to see if there’s any difficulty opening or closing the window.  The same is true of doors.

Cracked caulking around doors and windows is another common cause of energy escaping from the house.

Get ‘er Done

Where air can enter, so can water.  So, this is about more than your energy bill.  It’s about the possibility of water getting into your home.

And water is a powerful force.  Once it gets into your house, mold and mildew can set it.  It can seep into your walls and their insulation.  That’s a real problem and it can cost you a lot of money to mitigate.

Once you’ve detected problems with weather stripping or sealing, your next step is either a DIY project, or a call to the pros at AGM.

Accurate Glass and Mirror

Accurate Glass and Mirror is the Tri-State area’s premier glass specialist.  We install all manner of fine glass, with solutions for the home to enhance and protect it through all kinds of weather.

If you’ve discovered that your windows are heating and/or cooling the great outdoors, then it’s time to act.  As we said above, where there’s air current, water can’t be far behind.

Before fall hits, let us come take a look at your problem areas.  We’re professionals known for rapid response, timely quotations, fair pricing and first-rate workmanship.

Your home is your biggest investment in life.  You need it to keep your family warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry all year ‘round for years to come, with expert support.

AGM can help with that.  Contact us.

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