Everything You Need to Know About Glass Shower Enclosures

Everything You Need to Know About Glass Shower Enclosures

Listen.  We’re not going to lie.  We’re glass shower enclosures specialists.  We’re the best of the best, creating superior glass shower enclosures for homeowners like you.

And, OK.  Maybe this brief post doesn’t encompass like, everything you need to know about glass shower enclosures, but we’re going to tell you what we know that you need to.

And that’s really the thumbnail version of “everything”.  Because we’re glass shower enclosure experts, we want to share how great this type of shower is with everyone we can.  So, read on to find out (basically) everything you need to know about glass shower enclosures.

glass shower enclosure

Sleek simplicity

Glass shower enclosures are aesthetically pleasing because they not only make the most of available space, the create the illusion of more space than there is.

That’s especially desirable in smaller spaces.

Another great thing about glass shower enclosures is the fact that there’s very little hardware involved. That makes your cleaning job easier and faster and there are fewer places for mold to secrete itself, too.

Sleek simplicity is what glass shower enclosures bring to your home’s bathroom.  They’re a statement that enhances every style and size of bathroom, while bringing it the sensation of a larger, fresher space.

Durability and value

You’ve no doubt heard that glass shower enclosures are more expensive than conventional shower treatments.

But let me ask you this?  Did a shower curtain ever increase the value of your home?  No, right?

But a glass shower enclosure will.  Home buyers love them.  What’s more, your glass shower enclosure is a durable investment that stands the test of time and is easy to clean.  They’re a great investment you’ll be glad you made.

Let the sun shine in

In addition to the illusion of space provided by glass shower enclosures, light can flow freely into your bathroom.  Instead of a shower curtain or a built-in solution blocking the sunlight, a glass shower enclosure lets it shine in, illuminating your life, while enhancing available space and adding incredible home value.

Fear not the glass

With Accurate Glass and Mirrors, you needn’t fear the glass.  When you install a glass shower enclosure with us, you get the option of treating your glass with a special coating that makes keeping it sparklingly clean and clear a cinch.

ClearShield is our way of saying we know cleaning the bathroom’s no fun.  Have it applied before installation and enjoy your glass shower enclosure to the max, with a protective coating that reduces water spots, keeps your shower looking amazing and lets you put away the corrosive cleaners for good.


Accurate Glass and Mirror brings you’re the best in glass products.  From glass shower enclosures to back painted glass to mirrors, tables and storefronts, AGM is your partner in sparkling solutions.

We’re a full-service company that brings you the very best in glass treatments for the home, office and beyond.

This may not be everything you need to know about glass shower enclosures, but we’ll tell you the rest! Contact us!

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