Dreamy Bathroom Ideas: Which Is Right for Your Home?

Dreamy Bathroom Ideas: Which Is Right for Your Home?

You’re in “update” mode and feverishly browsing Pinterest for ideas that appeal to you.  We know you want this reno to count, so we’ve assembled these dreamy bathroom ideas.  Which is right for your home?  That’s for you to decide.

But whenever you’re working on an update, it’s good to know what the design scuttlebutt is.  The trick is choosing the trends with longer term appeal.  For example, subway tile has been around for a long time, changing only in color and dimension, whereas carpet in the bathroom is never coming back.

And we’re very happy that carpet in the bathroom is never coming back, aren’t you?

So, let’s see what’s happening in the world of dreamy bathroom ideas right now.

Dark and Delicious

The spotless appeal of the all-white bathroom is some people’s cup of tea.

But it’s not written in stone.

This year, bathrooms are trending toward darker colors in walls, fixtures, tiles and fittings.  Black is the obvious trend but it’s not the whole story.

Colors like aubergine, indigo blue and deep rouge noirs (red blacks) are making their way into the bathroom, creating an air of mystery and luxurious pampering.

Float Like a Butterfly

The standard bathroom vanity can be a little dull, but this year’s model changes the game.

The floating vanity has arrived in residential bathrooms.  Once found only in tony restaurants, bars and sometimes hotels, the look of the floating vanity in a home imparts a sense of personal pampering, adding another dimension of design elegance to your bathroom.

Materials like wood and polished concrete, as well as stone and marble make this a particularly exciting and practical trend.

Walk Right In

Walk in showers are a huge trend this year and imminently practical.  With no lip to step over, they’re also exceptionally safe for older people and children.

Just add a splash guard from Accurate Glass & Mirror and suddenly, your bathroom’s on point, with seamless style that will stand you in good stead well into the future.

Seamless Style

This year’s incarnation of the glass shower stall features floor to ceiling glass, for a clean, spare look that displays carefully selected tile and adds an attractive focal point to your bathroom.

Again, you open the door and walk in, with no lip to step over.  And with AGM installing it, you’ll have a beautiful addition to your bathroom that stands up to the rigors of family bathrooms, especially when you add Diamon-Fusion protective coating!

As you can see, we’ve selected innovations which are both practical and beautiful.  So, if you’re embroiled in a state of “update fever”, we’ve got the right trends to keep your remodel looking as fresh as a daisy.

Accurate Glass & Mirror

Making bathrooms beautiful is part of our mission at AGM and we do it with superior technical skill, right-on-time customer service and outstanding quality.

If you’re ready to take your bathroom to the next level of practicality, design integrity and beauty, contact us.  Make your remodel count with AGM.

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