Commercial & Domestic Uses of Glass Panels and Glass Boards

Commercial & Domestic Uses of Glass Panels and Glass Boards

Glass is one of the most important aesthetic elements of modern building design, but it’s also a structurally important facet.  Allowing in light and showcasing product and architectural elements, glass is a key consideration when designing a fully functional and attractive building.

Commercial uses

In commercial settings, practicality may be King, but function needs form to work.  By using glass panels and boards to create intimate spaces from a large space, glass provides a solution which creates visibility, as well as blocking unwanted exterior noise.

But glass is also an element which creates unique opportunities for unusual treatments which highlight the architectural qualities of any space.

Today, magnetic glass and insulated glass are rising in importance for institutional settings like hospitals, artists’ studios and tech companies with numerous workspaces for employees.  

With glass, the possibilities are endless.  Glass is even being used to create message boards.  For conference rooms, painted glass is an ideal solution which provides both privacy and a unique décor element that sets your location apart.

But painted glass can also be used to create a white board with a sleek difference that looks great for presentations and meetings.

Domestic uses

The home is where glass is creating a revolution.  Insulated glass is now cladding which has added another entrant in the sustainable housing design market.  Insulated glass can protect against heat and cold and minimize the effects of environmental pollutants in your living space.

For home décor, glass goes a long way toward setting the aesthetic scene.  Used in kitchen backsplashes and for both interior and exterior railings and safety guards (around pools, for example), glass panels and boards can serve multiple domestic uses.

In the bathroom, glass can create numerous effects to add sparkle and create the illusion of additional space.

Similar to its deployment in commercial spaces, glass in the home is about letting in light, creating dedicated spaces and defining your home’s living areas as intentionally set aside for certain activities.

Glass adds a modern, almost industrial aspect, especially when glass panels and boards are presented as interior windows.  They can be treated, tinted, or painted to make them even more of a design element, but even raw glass brings your living space a touch of elegance other materials can’t match.

The wonder of glass panels and boards is that their uses are limited only by your imagination.  You may have an idea for incorporating it into your home or work space that we haven’t even thought of yet!

Glass is durable, transparent and sleek, adding a strong design element that’s also imminently functional.  In fulfilling the imperatives for both form and function, you simply can’t go wrong with glass.

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