Cleaning, or Ruining? Why You Should Avoid Abrasive Cleaners on Your Shower Door

Cleaning, or Ruining? Why You Should Avoid Abrasive Cleaners on Your Shower Door

They say we’re one, big human family.  And if there’s one thing most of us can agree on and sing “Kumbaya” about, it’s having a spotlessly clean bathroom.

It’s the ideal we aspire to.

And to get that spotlessly clean effect, we sometimes err on the abrasive side – even corrosive commercial cleaners to get that bathroom sparkle and fresh-scented perfection we so crave.

That’s where we fail.

Those very cleaners we call on to create the spotlessness that means “clean” to us, can seriously damage our bathroom shower stalls.  That goes for the glass as well as the fittings.  So, in this post we’ll address the issue of cleaning, or ruining?  Why you should avoid abrasive cleaners on your shower door.

That Satisfying Crunch

You know what we mean.  That satisfying crunch while using abrasive cleaners like Ajax and Comet signals your meticulous mind that you’re scouring away all the dirt and germs.

But it’s that same satisfying crunch that can seriously damage materials like porcelain, glass and metal.

We know you’re used to it but over time, that satisfying crunch can turn into having to replace and repair a whole lot of bathroom fittings.

Spare the Shower Door!

Your glass shower door has metal fittings, but it’s mostly comprised of glass.  We all know that it’s not that difficult to scratch glass.  So, gee.  What do you think happens when you’re applying that satisfying crunch to your glass shower door?

Very bad things.

Small grooves are created in the surface of the glass, leaving it looking cloudy and damaged.  It’ll never have that sparkle again, because every time you go to clean it with that stuff, it’s going to look more and more cloudy and damaged.

And as for the metal?  It’s coated with a special preserving lacquer to help it retain its shine.  When you use abrasive cleaners on your shower door’s fittings, you’re working hard to scour off that lacquer and leave the metal exposed.

Not really the effect you were going for, right?

The Right Products

There are great alternatives to abrasive cleaners that you need to deploy right now, to keep your glass shower door looking its best.

The market now offers liquid gel cleaners specifically formulated to help you deal with soap scum.  These products are most effective when left on the surface of the glass for about 20 minutes.  You can rinse the product off and use a squeegee to get that streak-free sparkle you want.

And your metal fittings?  Use a dry cloth to polish them.  That’s all they need!  To periodically give them a little extra sparkle, wipe with warm water and gentle soap, then dry.  Remember to use a soft, non-scratch cloth.

Accurate Glass & Mirror

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