Simple Ways to Beautify a Small Bathroom Without Remodeling

Simple Ways to Beautify a Small Bathroom Without Remodeling

Not everyone owns their own home and renting comes with certain realities that can make life difficult if you have a tiny, bland-looking bathroom.

So, you can’t remodel, but there’s still plenty you can do to make that little water closet shine.

Let’s review some simple ways to beautify a small bathroom without remodeling.  There’s no need to be a slave to “bland” with these tricks up your sleeve.

Transform Your Walls

Your rental agreement probably prohibits painting the walls a cheery color.  Don’t let that stop you from transforming your walls, though.

Removable wallpaper is your answer.  Available in endless patterns and colors, this is a foolproof way to add punch to those builder’s beige walls.

Or try removable stickers.  These are plentiful at online outlets and available in all colors, shapes and sizes.  When you’re ready to move, just peel them off!

Update Your Hardware

If your budget allows, this is one of the most eye-catching ways to add a little luxurious shine to your bathroom.

Most rental units come with standard bathroom hardware.  It’s banal.  It’s boring.  It’s dated.  Hire someone to do this if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself.  Simply remove the old hardware and replace it with something stylish.

Ferret the original hardware away until you move, so you can take your snazzy replacements with you, leaving the dated hardware behind for the next tenant to live with.


Again, there’s no need to paint, if you’re clever.  Now that you’ve got your walls looking stunning, it’s time to consider adding more color to the space with solutions like towels, bathmats and vanity-top accessories.

Choose a scheme that ties in with your wall solution and don’t be shy.  A color that revs you up in the morning (red, fuchsia, aqua) can be paired with an anchoring neutral, like black, grey or chocolate brown.


This one delivers major bang for your buck.  Not only are you adding a stylish décor element, you’re expanding your space.  Placing mirrors on opposite walls has the automatic effect of making the space appear larger, while reflecting light.

Small mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes can be added to create the interest, luster and reflective glory this design element adds to any room.  And when you leave, they come with you.

Redeem the Shower Floor

Teak is a naturally water-resistant wood.  It’s also beautiful to behold and adds an element of that spa vibe so many people covet, nowadays.

And you don’t have to shell out for custom.  Many teak shower mats are available in standard sizes.  Anything to hide that past-its-sell-by-date shower floor.  So, why not choose something gorgeous?

Accurate Glass & Mirror

We’ve offered these simple ways to beautify a small bathroom without remodeling, because we know some of you reading are renters.  You need to know that you don’t have to knock out a wall or violate your rental agreement to switch it up!

And hey – we make custom mirrors too!  So, contact us.  Make that tiny bathroom perfect!

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