Beautiful Ideas for Using Mirrors in Your Foyer

Beautiful Ideas for Using Mirrors in Your Foyer

The foyer is where you set the tone for the rest of your home.  It’s where you greet visitors and take their coats.  When people enter your foyer, you want it to say something about the style and sensibilities of your living space.

This post is a review of some beautiful ideas for using mirrors in your foyer.  Mirrors are practical.  We wouldn’t know what we looked like before bounding out the front door in the morning without them.  But mirrors are also a defining décor element which serve your home in beautiful ways.  Let’s look at how they can create something extraordinary in your foyer.

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For a Large Foyer

A large foyer can never be anything but stunning and when the area is graced with natural light streaming in the windows on either side of the front door, or at the top of a graceful stairway, a mirror worthy of the space is called for.

A full length, large scale mirror is what you need here.  Before going out and purchasing it, though, decide where it’s going to live in your foyer.  Look around at potential homes for it to see what your large-scale mirror will reflect in a variety of positions.

Choose a place in which the mirror reflects something inviting.  Your living room may open onto the foyer and a reflection of the arched entrance or French doors which lead to it, with the fireplace beyond, might be just the ticket.

Avoid placing the mirror where it will reflect a blank wall, a closet door, or a personal space, like the study or a guest bathroom.  A mirror this spectacular needs to reflect something equally spectacular.

For a Small Foyer

Your foyer may be nothing so grand as a small landing on a cathedral staircase, or a little space by the front door.  Make the most of it, with a mirror that works for the scale of the area.

Position an unusually shaped mirror over a small table or shelf.  This is where you can place a vase with fresh flowers, a collection of seashells, or other décor items.  Again, ensure that placement of the mirror reflects something you’re happy for your visitors to see – an art piece, or the entrance to the living room.

Your small foyer will come to life when an attractive mirror reflects its miniature beauty.

AGM – The Custom Mirror People

For more than 30 years, Accurate Glass and Mirror has been creating practical, stunning glass features for homes and businesses.  We’re the custom mirror people who bring you striking solutions to illuminate any room of the house, from the foyer, to the bathroom to the bedroom and the living room.

There are so many ways mirrors can be put to striking use in your home.  They’re about much more than checking to see if your tie is straight, or if you need to replenish your lipstick.  They’re style partners which bring practical sparkle to any room

Ready to light up your home with custom mirrors?  Contact us.

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