The Benefits of Adding Mirrors to Bathroom Counters and Cupboards

The Benefits of Adding Mirrors to Bathroom Counters and Cupboards

Most people love the look of mirrors. They’re more than practical.  They add something special to any room they’re in.

With the right placement, mirrors can enhance architectural elements, lighting and even highlight beloved art pieces.

Artfully deployed mirrors are a design element which bring glamor, drama and elegance to any space.  So why not the bathroom?

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A lot of people look at the bathroom in very functional terms.  We get that.  It’s where you do your daily ablutions.  You look in the bathroom mirror to shave and apply makeup or arrange your hair.  But at Accurate Glass and Mirror, we know that mirrors in the bathroom can be so much more.

This post outlines the benefits of adding mirrors to bathroom counters and cupboards.  While that may sound a little crazy to you, hear us out.

Creating an Illusion

Because of the primarily functional aspect of bathrooms, many overlook the power of mirrors to create something out of the ordinary in this too often overlooked room in the house.

Mirrors reflect light and whatever’s opposite them.  That means they’re capable of creating an illusion of space.

Not everyone has the luxury of an expansive bathroom and many people’s bathrooms can seem cramped – even claustrophobic.  Adding mirrors in unexpected places like counters and cupboards is the ultimate “trick with mirrors”.  It’s an elegant solution for a space which demands that you give it a little more thought in terms of design.

Elegance and Sparkle

Your bathroom vanity is a good place to start.  Imagine adding custom glass here and you’ll start to understand what we’re talking about.  Your vanity becomes something exotic – a reflective experience that greets you each day with elegance and sparkle.

But your counters can also be treated with glass.  Just as back painted glass is used in other areas of the house, the bathroom is a prime candidate for the magic of back painted glass.

Less fussy to maintain, back painted glass can be painted in any color you please, to create the mood you’re going for.  And if you’re using glass to upgrade your cabinetry, using back painted glass on the counter top provides a stylistic break in reflective surfaces which anchors the room.


And glass is durable, especially when you use a variety of tempered glass which is resistant and built to last.

Where wooden cupboards can suffer from steam and even mold, needing to replaced eventually, glass is a solution which gives and gives.  When employed thoughtfully, glass will be there for you, even with poor ventilation in the bathroom which may lead to steam buildup.

And that’s a major benefit!

Accurate Glass and Mirror

At Accurate Glass and Mirror, we pride ourselves on being the premier shower and glass company in the Tri-State area.

At AGM, we know what mirrors can do for your home. They’re an often-overlooked design element which can be used for maximum impact, making your bathroom a showstopper.

Ready to bring your bathroom to life with mirrors?  Contact us.

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