5 Modern Glass Balcony Railing Design Ideas

5 Modern Glass Balcony Railing Design Ideas

Glass.  It’s a winner.  Wherever you look, you see its sparkle and appreciate the transparent brilliance it brings to the world.

While people in the 21st Century are accustomed to the beauty and practicality of glass, it’s only been around since Medieval times.  Before then, window openings were small – designed to keep in warmth and let in light and air.  With the advent of glass, the world was changed.

And today, glass is changing the way we think about every building we inhabit and work in.  The balcony is no exception.

Let’s look at 5 modern glass balcony railing design ideas to get the home improvement wheels turning.

1. The frameless look

frameless balcony railing

A frameless glass balcony creates a glorious, unobstructed view, making your home even more of a showpiece.  The natural surroundings of your home become a part of your living area when you surround your balcony with a frameless treatment.

Essentially, a frameless balcony railing eliminates the boundary between your home and the natural world around it.

2. Where art thou, Juliet?

The Juliet balcony is a classic treatment.  Creating a small outdoor space, or simply the illusion thereof, the Juliet is a small-scale solution that brings air and light into the living space of your choice.

A glass balcony railing in this style lends itself perfectly to French doors.  Open them and your room is part of the outdoors, improving air circulation and bringing needed illumination into the room.

3. Enclosed balcony

Some may call this a sunroom, but when you enclose your balcony with glass, you’ve created a warm, outdoor sanctuary that can be enjoyed in all kinds of weather.

Even Minnesotans can enjoy a glass balcony railing like this.  Imagine being able to look at winter without having to experience its bite.

An enclosed, glass balcony creates an outdoor room that’s ideal for any season – especially for those of us who live in habitually inclement climates.

4. Tinted or etched

tinted balcony railing

So, you’re fancy.  You want a glass balcony railing that both stands out and provides a little privacy.  This one’s especially favorable for those of us who live in urban settings, in condos with neighbours’ prying eyes only feet away.

You can enjoy privacy, outdoor living and beauty with a tinted or etched glass balcony railing in the color or design or your choice.  These beautiful solutions honor the sanctity of the home, while providing a discreet way to enjoy the great outdoors – even in the city!

5. No balcony? No problem!

Maybe you don’t have a balcony, but you’d like to create the illusion of an outdoor space.  Glass is the answer.

By adding floor to ceiling glass, you’ve created what amounts to a sunroom.  Interspersing panels of glass with wall space is also highly effective, hinting at a Victorian aesthetic of “taking the air”.

Just add some strategically placed ferns and you’re there!

We hope these 5 modern glass balcony railing design ideas have got your home improvement wheels turning.  Ready to make it happen?  Contact us and live the dream.

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