5 Feng Shui Basics for Using Mirrors in the Home

5 Feng Shui Basics for Using Mirrors in the Home

For over 3,000 years, the ancient art of Feng Shui has governed building and interior design for practitioners in the East.

Feng Shui defines energetics as a foundational element in a happy, harmonious home.  In the West, more designers than ever are jumping on the Feng Shui bandwagon.

The post shares 5 Feng Shui basics for using mirrors in the home.  Where you place them can make a tremendous difference.

1. An untarnished self-image

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Feng Shui is practiced to bring harmony to homes, but part of that is creating a space in which you can grow to your full potential.  For that reason, it’s important that the mirrors in your home be unblemished by tinting, discoloration, or beveling on the edges (all can distort and mar your image, which is reflected at you).  How you feel about yourself matters and the wrong mirrors can put a dent in that.

2. Decorative danger

Small decorative mirrors are popular these days, but if they don’t reflect the entirety of a person’s face (because they’re too small or oddly shaped), they can create a sense of fragmentation in your spirit.

It’s thus most advantageous to use decorative mirrors horizontally.  On a table, with curios or decorative objects placed on it, this use of a decorative mirror can have the effect of enhancing the flow of C’hi (energy).

3. Multiplying abundance

Mirrors which reflect the things in life you love most are those which are most effectively deployed, in Feng Shui.  Place a mirror opposite a bookshelf and multiply your joy of reading.  Place a mirror next to your dining table and increase your table’s abundance, as well as that of beloved friends and family and the happiness you find in them.

4. Mirrors out of sight, at night

Mirrors reflect light and movement.  Having one in your bedroom can be dangerous for drowsy people, but also can create a sense of unease in the place you’re supposed to be at your most relaxed.

A mirror which reflects the bed can create a sensation of being watched, leading to self-consciousness which has no place in the bedroom.  Move mirrors to they’re not reflecting where you sleep.  You’ll rest easier.

5. Zentrance

The entrance to your home is a busy place, but you can pour oil on frenzied waters with the right mirror placement in your home’s entrance.

Create a zentrance by not placing mirrors which either confront those entering (by being on an opposite wall) or cast reflections of those leaving.  The best place for an entranceway mirror is on a nearby wall which prevents this effect, defusing a sense of chaos and lack of separation between the home and the outside word.

These 5 Feng Shui basics for using mirrors in the home are a great foundation for creating a more tranquil and harmonious domestic environment.  Thinking mindfully about mirror placement bears fruit.  Don’t believe us?  Apply just one of these principles to the mirrors in your home.

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