2019 Walk-In Shower Remodel

2019 Walk-In Shower Remodel

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A 2019 walk-in shower remodel is in the cards at your house.  You’re thinking about how you’ll revision your walk-in shower.  And you want a seamless remodel that’s contextual – honoring the bathroom space, while elevating it.

We’ve collected some bright ideas for your 2019 walk-in shower remodel which we hope will inspire you to take your walk-in shower to the next level.  And when you’re ready, don’t forget to call in the pros at Accurate Glass and Mirror!

Tile That Speaks

Subway tile is versatile and beautiful and it’s still one of the top favorites for homeowners remodeling the bathroom.

But for 2019, why not think outside the box?  Tile options now are going bolder – and darker.  Consider glazed ceramic for your walk-in shower as a bold choice to offset patterns in the rest of your bathroom.  Maybe you want to start fresh and add tiles in a geometric pattern for a Moroccan hammam effect?

Why Not Marble?

Tile is the home owner’s “go to” shower remodel material, but why not marble?  If it’s in the budget, marble in an unexpected color can create drama in the bathroom, making the space bolder and more striking.

With higher ceilings, this effect works exceptionally well.

Full Transparency

Extend the comfort of your master bed/bath with a glass wall.  On the other side?  Your shower area.  A panel of smoked glass can be added to conceal the other areas of the bathroom, making your walk-in shower one with your master bedroom.

While creating the illusion of additional space, this design idea may not be for everyone, but its boldness makes it unique, modern and unexpected.

For the Resolute Minimalists

Polished concrete is the perfect material to create a minimalist shower to complement your lifestyle and décor theme.

Without tiles or glass, this design is ideal for the water room concept (in which an area of your bathroom is separated by a wall of glass).  Whether for a walk-in shower only, or with a separate tub, cool concrete is the clean, unfussy alternative.  Add wooden, sauna-style slatted flooring and a marble or travertine bench for the full effect.

Mediterranean Rustic

A great admirer of the Mediterranean, you want to bring a little of that vibe home to your bathroom.  Choose golden tones reminiscent of the sun and warm, wood accents, like a vanity.  Accent with colorful tile and create the perfect setting for a frameless glass, walk-in shower stall.

Bask in your Italianate sanctuary, as you dream of the warmth of the Mediterranean.

The Freedom of Openness

A corner of the bathroom is all you need to create the freedom of an open shower.  Using a half panel of glass, this walk-in shower is quite literally just that.

The panel protects the rest of the bathroom from water while opening up the space.  With no lip or curb, this is a simple remodel, creating a more expansive bathroom space.

Accurate Glass and Mirror

Remodeling your walk-in shower in 2019?  AGM brings you focused design expertise that elevates your walk-in shower.  Contact us.

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