2019 Design Trends for the Bathroom

2019 Design Trends for the Bathroom

Freestanding bathtub in stunning modern bathroom design

As 2018 hurtles to a conclusion and the promise of a new year beckons, it’s time to talk about what’s hot for 2019 in your bathroom.

2019 design trends are fresh, new and full of bright ideas for rejuvenating the look of your home’s bathroom.  Let’s review what’s happening now.  You may find yourself moved by something completely different.

Industrial Hardware

For the coming year, pipes and hardware are something to be celebrated – and seen in a whole new light.  Especially current is copper piping and hardware, complemented by fixtures that add to the effect.

Pipes are exposed, sleek and gleaming.  While you may immediately think of bygone days when pipes were exposed as a matter of course, these aren’t your grandpa’s pipes.  They’re sleek, streamlined and glowing with up-to-the-minute glamor.

Make the most of the trend by installing industrial lighting with copper accents or mirrors with copper frames.


Concrete doesn’t have to be cold and 2019 is out to prove that to you.

When most people think of concrete, they think of Brutalist design but 2019’s version is warmed up to make your bathroom a delight.  Polished and much refined, concrete continues the industrial theme we see in industrial hardware and exposed pipes.

Go Big or Go Home

Bathrooms are getting bigger, making them even more spa-like than they’ve been in recent years.  Creating an expansive bathroom may require knocking out a wall to incorporate a closet space that’s under-utilized or part of a room that might be more useful to you as part of a larger bathroom.

And all that space you’re creating plays to our next trend, which is one of the year’s hottest.

Sculptural, Freestanding Tubs

The traditional bathtub is changing.  After years of the shower as either part of a bathtub/shower combo, or large shower stalls taking center stage, this year’s superstar is the sculptural, freestanding tub.

And part of this trend is the “water space”.  This is an area of the bathroom cordoned off by a glass wall to contain water, allowing for both a freestanding shower and a tub – the best of both worlds.

No space?  No worries.  Compact versions of cocoon-like bathtubs are making their ways into sophisticated homes all over the USA.

Vintage Expressions

Huge for 2019 are vintage expressions, drawing on whichever epoch takes your fancy.  From Victorian themes to Mid-Century Modern, this trend has something for everyone.

Get in on the fun by re-purposing an old, period dresser as a vanity.  Whether sleek and modern or ornate and classical, pair the vibe with a mirror and patterned floor tile that express the time period which most appeals to you.

These are AGM’s picks for 2019 design trends for the bathroom.  They’re fresh, inventive and designed to make your bathroom the escape from the bustle of modern life you’ve always desired.

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