Modern Use of Mirrors to Visually Enlarge Small Spaces

Modern Use of Mirrors to Visually Enlarge Small Spaces

Since mirrors have existed as we know them (about 200 years), they’ve been more than just a means of checking our appearance.

The Ancient Egyptians used polished metal for the purpose of applying makeup and dressing their hair but it wasn’t until the 1st Century that the first glass mirrors were made, using a process similar to the one used today.

But these primitive mirrors were no match for the polished metal of the Ancient Egyptians.  Humanity hadn’t yet figured out how to flatten them to create a reliable, representative reflection.

All that changed when Justus von Liebig developed a process in 1835.  Coating the back of a pane of glass with metal was similar to the earliest mirror but much more sophisticated.

Which brings us to the modern use of mirrors to visually enlarge small spaces.

Smoke and Mirrors

Mirrors have the unique ability to create space from nothing.  With the right placement, mirrors can enlarge space, using reflected light.  Placed opposite a window, for example, the illusion is of the outdoors entering the domestic space, making it more expansive and brighter.

When a mirror is placed opposite a light fixture, the illusion is of double illumination, making the space brighter by a factor of two.  Add a mirror opposite the original mirror and the effect is magnified!

There’s no limit to what you can do in a small space with the right placement of mirrors, especially if you’re the creative type.  Rooms with no windows suddenly appear to have one, for example, when you frame mirrors and place them as though they were windows.  This can be achieved either with large picture frames, or with old cabinet doors fitted with mirrors.

Your Tiny Bathroom

If you’re lamenting a tiny bathroom space, there’s no better way to make it feel larger than with mirrors.  Add the right light fixtures and suddenly your tiny bathroom is an elegant showpiece, filled with reflected light.

A large mirror over the vanity is a great place to start.  If you have a window, place a mirror opposite, creating an even more compelling illusion.

A mirror on the back of the door is another tiny bathroom trick that only provides you with a full-length mirror but creates the illusion of space you need to make the most of that tiny bathroom.

AGM – the Mirror People

Accurate Glass & Mirror is the Tri-State area’s premier glass and shower company, bringing the beauty of glass to your home.  But we’re also renowned for our custom mirrors.

Any shape or size you require is yours with the mirror people at AGM, where we take pride in creating customization that makes your home even more special than it is now.

Everyone loves to feel their home is spacious.  But when that’s not the case and when you can’t knock the down the walls to make larger spaces, mirrors are the answer!  They instantly change everything.

If you’re ready to leverage the modern use of mirrors to visually enlarge small spaces, contact us.

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