Make an Excellent Upgrade to Your Home with Sliding Glass Doors

Make an Excellent Upgrade to Your Home with Sliding Glass Doors

modern home interior with sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are a great way to add value and beauty to your home.  The trick is finding the right company to install them.

You came to the right place!  Accurate Glass and Mirror is the Tri-State area’s premier glass and shower company, bringing you expertise in all types of glass and precision honed over our years of business.

Let’s talk about how you can make an excellent upgrade to your home with sliding glass doors.

Let the Sun Shine In

Sliding glass doors don’t just allow you to make your indoors feel more like the outdoors, they flood your home with uplifting sunlight that brightens you home.

Adding sliding glass doors is a smart way to increase the value of your house.  They’re something house hunters look for, because of their convenience and of course, that added sunlight.

Unusual Size to Fit?  No Problem!

Unlike folding or French doors, there are no requirements for extra space to allow doors to open, with sliding glass doors.  That’s a plus a lot of homeowners like.

And here’s the best part – if your existing doorway is an unusual size, there’s no problem.  AGM can fit any door with our custom sliding glass door solutions.

Options Galore

There are so many options to customize your sliding glass doors, you’ll be surprised.  With options for double and triple glazing, your sliding glass doors can be as energy-efficient and weather resistant as you need them to be.

Hardware is an area where you can really assert your individuality, with everything from chrome and white nickel or your own choice of one-of-a-kind hardware.

Imagine your sliding glass door with a decorative grill that makes it even more beautiful and functional.

Energy Efficiency

Because of the harsh winters we often have here in the Tri-State area, most homeowners choose the double-paned option.

With argon gas sealed between two thick panes of glass, 90% of your energy stays indoors, keeping you warm.

Add low E-glass (low emissivity) for even higher energy efficiency.  This type of glass is popular with people who are serious about lowering their heating costs and keeping UV-rays outside where they belong to protect their flooring, upholstery and artwork.

Boost That Curb Appeal

This is a big one.  A home with large expanses of glass visible by passersby is a neighborhood superstar, admired by all.

And that means you’ve added to your resale price, when you’re ready to sell.  So, choose your contractor and your sliding glass door solution with care, as people notice this style of door.  Opening on to a patio or deck, it’s a symbol of graceful indoor/outdoor living.

Got an old sliding glass door you’d like to upgrade, or ready to add one?  Accurate Glass and Mirror are the people to call for a professional install and high-quality products that stand the test of time.

Upgrade with the Best

AGM has made a name for itself in the Tri-State area with outstanding expertise in all kinds of glass, including sliding doors.  Contact us!

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