The Best Way to Clean Your Windows This Summer

The Best Way to Clean Your Windows This Summer

Windows. They’re the bane of many people’s existence.  They just don’t know how to get that crystal clear, pristine finish.

But all is possible with the glass people at Accurate Glass & Mirror, so we’ve put together this post on the best way to clean your windows this summer.

Choose a Cloudy Day

Summer brings the heat and sun we all love.  But cleaning your windows on a sunny day is not going to render the results you’re looking for.

For one, it’s more difficult to see your work in full sunlight.  For another, any cleaning supplies and the water you may use to clean your windows evaporates quickly, meaning you’re going to get undesirable streaks.

So, wait for a cloudy day to ensure better results.

Ditch the Special Window Cleaners

In all honesty, there’s nothing more effective than a big bucket of water with just a couple of squirts of dishing washing liquid in it.

Our commercial environment is product heavy and we tend to fall for it every time.  But the truth about getting your windows looking their best is ditching the special window cleaners.

For extra dirt cutting power, try vinegar.  This inexpensive alternative is far more effective than any specialized product you can name.


Many people swear by using newsprint to get the perfect finish on their windows and for good reason.  Start with newsprint dampened (not soaked) in water (without dish soap for minor periodic cleanings and with, for the major twice or three times yearly cleans).

Once the window has been thoroughly gone over with the wet newsprint, use dry newsprint for the finish.  Expect spotlessness!

Start in the corners and edges and then, do the middle of the panes.

While it’s said that varying types of newsprint renders varying results, we have never found this to be the case.

A Neat Trick

Using a squeegee to remove excess water between washing and drying is a great idea that makes cleaning your windows easier.

But here’s a neat trick – use the squeegee on one side of the window with horizontal strokes and on the other side, with vertical strokes.  This way, if there’s a streak, you’ll see it more clearly than if you run the squeegee the same way on both sides.

Lots of Windows, Not Enough Time

Not everyone has the time for perfect windows in these latter days of overscheduled, non-stop lives.  That’s especially true if you live in a large house with many windows.

Sometimes, the smart thing to do is to leave the work to professionals.  They have the equipment, the knowledge and the resources to get your windows looking crystal clear and flawlessly clean.  So why not?

Accurate Glass & Mirror

AGM is New Jersey’s premier glass and mirror company.

We’re all about the glass, so we also replace windows which have seen better days (and neighborhood softball games gone horribly wrong).

We’re the glass people who love your house as much as you do.  Contact us to find out more.

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