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Keeping your Glass Shower Doors Looking Great

Keeping your Glass Shower Doors Looking Great

Especially if you live in a family situation, keeping your glass shower doors looking great is a tall order.

The best way to accomplish the elusive state of sparkling cleanliness in your shower is to squeegee it after every use.

(Cue distant laughter from millions of families all over the USA).

We know.  It’s like herding very busy cats – cats with a full complement of excuses.

But you love your beautiful glass shower doors, so know that the battle is not futile.  Your friends at AGM are going to help you out.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way, first.

Sorry to Tell You, But…

The problem with hard water and the buildup of soap scum is that if you don’t remove it after using the shower, it’s going to be a problem.  And that problem can really mess up your glass shower doors.  It can even cause etching, which is very difficult to remove.  That cloudiness you see on a dirty shower door is probably etching.

That’s why the squeegee (or alternatively, a microfiber cloth) is such a pivotal shower door cleaning tool.

We’re sorry.  We know it’s tough to keep up but if you perform this task every day, your shower door is going to stay looking great for much longer.  Neglect this task at the risk of replacement.

The advantage of microfiber cloths is that they’ll get into the little crevices around hardware for those deeper cleans.  Wring them out after use and launder once a week.

A Daily Cleaner

After you’ve wiped down your shower, doing a pass with a cleaning product helps to keep the glass sparkling.  It also cuts down on cleaning, in the long term.  You’ll find you’ll need to clean your shower less often if you take this step.

And you can make your own cleaner, too, if you’re concerned about harsh chemicals harming the environment.  Try this:

  • ½ cup hydrogen peroxide
  • ½ cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap
  • 1 teaspoon dishwasher rinse
  • Add to a large spray bottle and top up with water, then cap
  • Rock the spray bottle to mix the ingredients (gently, so they don’t fizz up)
  • Store in a dark place

Does all this sound like a lot of work for the appointed shower cleaner in your family?  Never fear.  Accurate Glass & Mirror will now share the undisputed best method of keeping your glass shower doors looking great.


We know you have enough on your plate as it is.  If your shower doors are looking as though they’ve reached the limit of neglect and you’re feeling like they’ll never be restored to their former glory, we have good news.

AGM will treat your new shower door with an amazing product called Diamon-Fusion, prior to installation.

With a lifetime warranty, this product protects shower doors from damage caused by the accumulation of hard water and soap scum.  You’ll clean less often and when you do, your cleaning time is cut by 90%!

Ready for fresh sparkle? Contact us.

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