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Shower Head Upgrades:  What are Your Options?

Shower Head Upgrades: What are Your Options?

While it’s a practical component of your shower, the shower head is no longer just a conduit for water.  Today, it’s an icon of technological change and design excellence.

There are so many options on the market, you can go a little crazy making up your mind, so let’s review some of AGM’s favorites, to make choosing a little easier!

The rain shower

You knew we were going there!  Of course, because the rain shower is the Holy Grail of shower heads.

The oversized head of the rain shower fixture mimics the sensation of standing in the rain.  And while that’s not a lot of fun if you’re wearing clothes, in the shower it’s a completely different story.

Rain shower heads can be purchased in either handheld or fixed versions.  But to be honest, we like the ceiling mounted option.  Imagine that oversized shower head spraying right down on you. Talk about a peak shower experience!

Light it up

If you’re looking to create a completely different experience, the lighted shower head does just that.

Using waterproof LED lights, these shower heads are for those who love a party – even in the shower.  And they change color, just like at the club!

The water is illuminated by changing colors, making showering fun.  Instead of getting ready for work, you’ll feel like you’re warming up for the dance floor.

Some lighted shower heads will let you know when it’s time to towel off, by prompting you with the color of the light.  Others will turn the water blue if it’s cold and then red, as the hot water kicks in.

Fun and smart?  We likey!


You care about the planet and your water consumption is part of that.  A low-flow shower head is just the ticket for conscientious environmentalists like you.

This type of shower head restricts water flow to only 2 gallons a minute.  Because of pressurization technology, even though this option is low flow it’s not low pressure.  You’ll still get the satisfying water pressure you like for showering.

For the music lovers

If you’re the kind of person for whom music is like breathing, you’ll love the shower head that includes a built-in wireless speaker, via Bluetooth.  Stream those tunes from your computer, tablet or laptop.

You won’t have to go tuneless in the shower, where you can sing along or bust a move (careful not to slip) to the music you don’t care to spend a minute without.  Sweet music to your ears!

As you can see, the shower is no stranger to technology and there’s virtually something for everyone.  These selections are just some of our favorites, but you know there’s a world of shower heads out there and that there’s one for every taste.

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