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Kitchen Design – Doing More with Glass

Kitchen Design – Doing More with Glass

Glass is an amazing material.  The things you can do with it in every room of the house are endless and wherever you deploy it, the result is sparkle, abundant reflect light and a clean, contemporary look.

Let’s check out some great ideas for kitchen design – doing more with glass to spark your imagination.

Glass Front Cabinets

Many will be leery of this one, but you should be aware that it’s one of the leading kitchen design trends right now.

Glass front kitchen cabinets may sound like a nightmare to some.  If you’ve got messy cupboards, that may well be you.  But think of it this way, with glass front cabinets in the kitchen, you have no choice but to be more organized!

You can also display all the wonderful kitchenware you’ve had stuffed in your dark cupboards, letting the light of day shine on fabulous items like heirloom china.

Glass front cabinets open your kitchen space.  Instead of a bank of wooden or composite cabinetry, you see what you need.  Your kitchen becomes more of a workspace and less of a storage area.

Back Painted Glass

While back painted glass can be used in virtually every room of the home, there’s no place quite like the kitchen to take full advantage of its unique charisma.

Especially if you cook a lot, a tile backsplash can get messy.  Grout can become dingy, detracting from the beauty of the tile work.  But with back painted glass, you’ll have no such problem.  It just wipes clean!  And with the right markers, you can even write a list of culinary needs on the wall.

And you don’t have to stop at the back splash.  Back painted glass can create whole walls, for a sleek, integrated look.

Glass Countertops

Imagine your breakfast bar graced with a heavy, textured glass top.  Easy to clean and sparklingly beautiful, the glass option creates a unique focal point for your kitchen, lending a modern appeal you won’t get with granite or another material.

The right texture creates a sense of the organic and an inimitable air of cleanliness first.  Just wipe it clean!


A dark kitchen can always benefit from more natural light but when that’s not an option, using glass for your light figures adds additional sparkle.

From sconces to overhead lighting, glass is the material you’re looking for if you’re hoping to shed a little more light on the subject.  Elegant and sophisticated, glass just kicks things up a notch.


A galley kitchen is a perfect opportunity to add the style and sleekness of glass. When part of a great room or dining room, separating it with glass speaks to purpose, without hiding it away.

At the same time, a partition works to block noise going from the kitchen into the rest of the house and vice versa.

The Glass People

Accurate Glass & Mirror is New Jersey’s source for premium showers and the glass masters with an eye to beautifying your entire home.

Ready to transform your kitchen with glass?  Contact us.

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